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An Ode to Ruby Baptiste

Ruby Baptiste. Sometimes a character comes along that completely dazzles you. Wunmi Mosaku is captivating with her guitar, her walk, her songs, her very presence on the screen radiates exquisite beauty, and style. I always found myself craving more scenes with Wunmi Mosaku in Lovecraft Country. I wish there was a spin-off of her life before her sister & Tic came back to town, and all the magical craziness happens. I want to watch Ruby just be Ruby as she makes music and lives in Chicago.

The way they lit Wunmi Mosaku was masterful! I continually reminiscence on how her skin glowed on screen. There are some episodes of Lovecraft Country that I had to watch on my projector; I needed a big screen. They felt cinematic, larger than life, truly decadent imagery. It felt, good, really good to see Wunmi Mosaku shine. The stellar aesthetics of #LovecraftCountry was nourishing in so many ways, but especially the intro of Ruby Baptiste. I only wish her character never wrapped herself in white skin, because it was gloriously seeing a dark-skinned actress dazzle us on the screen with her presence.

Lovecraft Country was daring, and really pushed the limits. Was it problematic at times? Yes. But I can't think of a single show where a Black showrunner was given the kind of artistic space to be so bold in the realm of sci-fi / horror that produced some of the best cinematography and imagery we've ever seen on a TV show centered on Black characters. Some episodes felt like movies with a show. Victoria Mahoney's treasure hunt themed episode comes to mind. And the one centered on Hippolyta was pure brilliance.

But back to Ruby Baptiste. My god, wasn't she absolutely stunning onscreen?!?! Didn't you fall in love with her character right away? Didn't it remind you of how malnourished we've been as a society, with the lack of beautifully shot dark-skinned actresses on our TV screens?

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